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How to set Up Root Domain/Subdomain for Your Funnels/Websites

Adding a domain to your account enables website and funnel functionalities to be created and utilized. A domain refers to the web address, for example, a root domain like or a subdomain like To begin, establish a domain with a registrar like Cloudflare, GoDaddy, or others. Afterward, you can integrate the Domain into the system for use.

Please Note:

There is another article that covers setting up a domain using the new beta CDN capability. To view that, click here.


You can add a CNAME record for your subdomains using the value

How to check your DNS records (DNS Lookup Tool)

MXtoolbox is a popular online tool that can help you check your Domain’s DNS records. Follow these steps to use MXtoolbox for checking DNS records:

Go to the MXtoolbox website at

On the homepage, you will see a dropdown menu with options like MX Lookup, DNS Lookup, Blacklists, etc. Click on the dropdown menu and select the type of DNS record you want to check. Some common options include: standard.

MX Lookup: Check your Domain’s mail exchange (MX) records.

DNS Lookup: Check various DNS records like A, AAAA, CNAME, NS, etc.

TXT Lookup: Check the text (TXT) records for your Domain, which often contain information like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.

CNAME Lookup: Check your Domain’s canonical name (CNAME) records.

After selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown menu, enter your domain name (e.g., in the input field next to the dropdown menu.

404 Error

A 404 error, also known as “404 Not Found,” is a standard HTTP status code that indicates the requested web page or resource could not be found on the server. This error typically occurs when a user tries to access a non-existent URL or when the requested page has been deleted or moved to a different location without proper redirection.

If your Domain without any path shows a 404 error, e.g.,, you need to go to Settings > Domains > Edit Domain> Select a default page. In case it is already selected, try saving it again.

If your Domain shows a 404 error despite having a default path, e.g.,, then you need to make sure that one of the funnels/websites that are connected has the same path added in page settings. If the path is already added and it still does not work, then go to the funnel/website settings > remove the Domain> Save> add the Domain again and save.

If your Domain shows a 404 error intermittently, then you might be using the www/root domain with your funnel/website. In that case, ensure you have added a redirect from www to the non-www (root) domain or from the non-www Domain to www.

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