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Email Services Configuration - Reply & Forward Settings

Here are a few additional configurations that you can use to receive copies of the Emails that you get in your account using a Forwarding Address or BCC. Reply Tracking is also elaborated.

Covered in this Article:
How to configure email services?

    Forwarding Address

    Reply Address

    BCC Emails

    Forward to assigned user

Enable Reply Tracking – Other SMTP Providers

    When reply tracking is enabled:

    When reply tracking is disabled:

How to configure email services?

Once you are in the location, click on settings -> Email Services

Forwarding Address

If a lead responds to an email, that response is always going to show up in conversations tab, however, if you want a copy of the lead’s email response to go to someone’s email, you could put in that email address there.

Please Note

       You could enter multiple forwarding email addresses here separated by a coma, e.g.,,    

       Forwarding address and BCC emails work on Mailgun and LC email, we dont support other smtp providers

Enable Reply Tracking – Other SMTP Providers

There’s no option to enable reply tracking for Mailgun since it’s directly integrated with the receiving route setup in Mailgun. Learn more about how to set up replies in Mailgun.
If you mask the sender’s email, such as, the reply-to address will display as, which is the Mailgun subdomain we set up for the location in the agency settings -> Mailgun. Replies will still appear correctly in the sub-accounts’ conversation tab.

When reply tracking is enabled:

The highlighted email shown in the screenshot below will be the reply-to email address. So we can capture the email replies back into the conversation tab to read, manually respond or trigger a response using tags, etc. This will be the limitation of using SMTP integration.


Why do the attached files not get forwarded along with the email replies?

The forward settings in the email services tab duo not support forwarding attachments. So if the contact replied to the email with an attachment, we will need to log into the MyBusyPortal conversation view to see it.

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